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Partner: Jewish Museum, London (JML)
Reference: C 1997.1
Title: Men and Women of Mark in Modern Judea
Description: Maroon leather-bound album containing cuttings from Anglo-Jewish newspapers c 1892 to 1911 relating to distinguished Jewish men and women, institutions, events and buildings in Britain and abroad. - This album was compiled by E. de Haas in the early years of the 20th century. It contains cuttings dating from c 1892 to 1911 from popular Anglo-Jewish newspapers of the day such as 'The Jewish Chronicle' and 'The Jewish World'. As the title page states, the album makes up "A Gallery of Contemporary Portraits of Persons distinguished in the Senate, Synagogue, in Science, Literature, and Art, the Army, Navy, Law, Medicine, &c, &c" and "Views of Buildings, &c, &c, connected with Judaism" and it provides a detailed contemporary view of the people and places that made up the Jewish community in England and abroad at the time. Many of these, so prominent and important in their day, are now little known.
Date(s): 1896 to 1911
Community: Jewish Community
Theme: Origins (conditions in the country of origin) ; Journeys (the experience of migrating) ; Settling (experiences of living in England) ; Reconnecting (reconnecting with the country of origin)
Format: Text
Access: Original available for consultation at the Jewish Museum, London.
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