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Partner: Jewish Museum, London (JML)
Reference: 2002.25
Title: Jewish East London
Description: Map showing by colour the proportion of the Jewish population of East London, street by street, in 1899 - Map showing by colour the proportion of the Jewish population to other residents of East London, street by street, in 1899. The streets with the highest Jewish population are coloured dark blue and those with the lowest are coloured dark red, and it illustrates clearly the predominantly Jewish population at the time of the areas of Whitechapel, Spitalfields and Mile End in particular. It was reproduced in 'The Jew in London' by C Russell and H S Lewis, published in 1901. The maker, George Arkell, compiled the map from information gathered by the London School Board through its various visitors.
Date(s): 1901
Community: Jewish Community
Theme: Settling (experiences of living in England)
Format: Image
Access: Available for consultation at the Jewish Museum, London.
Creator: Arkell, George E ; T Fischer Unwin
Rights: out of copyright - Jewish Museum, London
Physical Description: good - Map drawn to scale 6cm: 0.25 mile showing area of East End including Hackney Road and Old Ford Road to north, Burdett Road and Bloomfield Road to east, St George Street and High Streeet, Shadwell to south and Bishpsgate Street Without and Curtain Road to west. Streets marked and named in black with adjoining properties coloured six shades of blue and red, dark blue representing streets with the highest Jewish population and streets coloured dark red representing those with the lowest. Legend in bottom right corner states "JEWISH EAST LONDON/ This Map shows by Colour the proportion of the Jewish population to other residents of East London, street by street, in 1899" and contains colour chart headed "EXPLANATION OF COLOURING". (height: 450 mm) (width: 680 m)
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