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A Jewish family on their journey from Central or Eastern Europe in 1900.
A Jewish family on their journey from Central or Eastern Europe in 1900.
* Moving Here catalogue reference (NMM) 347-792
Many people mistakenly believe that they cannot trace their Jewish heritage because records do not exist. They are unaware of what is available, where and how to find it, and of issues such as surname changes, patterns of migration and changes in country borders.

Many think that because they were told their family came from Russia that *genealogical research will be impossible. Or that because their family was killed in the *Holocaust no records exist. Most families, however, have scattered connections all over the world.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union many previously closed archives have become accessible, and it has become relatively easy to research our ancestors. There is a vast amount of information available and accessible.

The following pages on this website will give you guidance and information on how to trace your Jewish ancestors, together with the resources that are available to help you in your quest. There is also the case study of Vivienne Wifling which shows how she used the records available.

Tracing Jewish Roots was written by Dr Saul Issroff.

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