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Idle curiosity is just one of the things that drove me to research my family roots - which go all the way back to 1777 and West Africa. My father (George Magnus Norwood Crooks) had emigrated from the West Indies to Britain and settled here in 1957. He made his way to London's east end to live with a cousin he'd never met. He came looking for work and eventually met my mother (Doreen Fay Cousins). They were married at Willesden Registry Office, North West London in 1962. I am the second of three boys.

I remember being interested in my family roots as a child, following conversations with my father about his side of the family. I wanted to know where our name came from. Dad was only six when his father died. He was also the youngest member of the family, so he really had no answer. But he did tell me that my Grandfather worked as a civil servant within the Public Works department. He really didn't know much more than this. This in part prompted my research into my background.

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