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A man praying at a mosque in the docklands area

A man praying at a mosque in the docklands area.
* Moving Here catalogue reference (BHU) 14 Newport Mosque

listen to prayer chants from the Sujaav Project

Photograph of a young girl's First Holy Communion

Photograph of a young girl's First Holy Communion.
* Moving Here catalogue reference (MOL) IN15827


Regent's Park Mosque

Before the Second World War, there was no place of Muslim worship in central London. This selection of correspondence covers the period 1940-1945 when plans were underway to find and acquire a suitable site. The documents also contain references to the East London Mosque which was opened in 1941.

Roman Catholic churches and freedom of worship

Freedom of worship was denied to English Roman Catholics by law until the 1791 Catholic Relief Act. Many Roman Catholic churches were built in London from the 19th century onwards and these provided places of worship for the city's immigrant Irish population. The London Metropolitan Archives has a fine photographic collection of many of these churches.

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