Gulf Veterans' Illnesses

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The UK Government is committed to addressing the concerns of our Gulf veterans, and seeks to do so openly, sympathetically and seriously. In July 1997 we announced our plans for achieving this, which were based on three fundamental principles:
  • First, that veterans should have prompt access to medical advice from the MOD’s Medical Assessment Programme;
  • Second, that appropriate research will be carried out into veterans’ illnesses and factors which might have a bearing on these; and
  • Third, that the MOD will make available to the public any information it possesses which is of potential relevance to this issue.
Further information about the MOD policy in this area was published in ‘Gulf Veterans’ Illnesses: A New Beginning’ (dated July 1997) and ‘Progress in Implementing the Twenty Key Points: April 1998’.  In April 1999 the MOD published a memorandum, written for the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, entitled "Current Activity relating to Gulf Veterans' Illnesses" which set out developments in this area.  A further memorandum dated 8 December 1999 also entitled "Current Activity relating to Gulf Veterans' Illnesses" updated the April memorandum.

This web site is provided to help Gulf veterans, and others interested in this issue, to find out what the MOD is doing to help Gulf veterans. You will find details of the Medical Assessment Programme for Gulf veterans and on the MOD’s current research programmes. In addition, you will find other information and reports about Gulf veterans’ illnesses that the MOD has made public. To reflect the wider concerns of Gulf veterans, the web site also details of other organisations who may be able to offer help, including the Veterans’ Advice Unit, and the War Pensions Agency.  There is also a link to Gulflink, a US Department of Defense website, which provides information about their response to the issue of Gulf veterans' illnesses

This site will be updated and expanded as further information becomes available. We hope that you find it helpful and informative.

If you have questions about the Government’s policy on Gulf veterans, or any comments on this web site, please contact the Gulf Veterans’ Illnesses Unit, which has been established to provide a focal point within the MOD to co-ordinate the Department’s response. Their helpline can be reached on 0800 169 4495. Alternatively, you can write to them at:

Ministry of Defence
Room 6/75
St Christopher House
Southwark Street
London SE1 0TD

or fax them on 020 7305 2374.

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