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Responsibility for the recommendation for approval of information standards has transferred to the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI).

Information standards continued to be published here until 31 December 2014, after which they are published on the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) website.

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The details about this information standard are current at 31 December 2014. To find out whether they remain current after this date please check the SCCI publication pages on the HSCIC website

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Standard ISB 0075

Number ISB 0075
Title Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data Set

The purpose of the Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data Set (NCCMDS) is to ensure standardised collection of the data required to support operation of the Neonatal Critical Care Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs).

Neonatal Critical Care HRG and NCCMDS development fits with the overall strategy to develop HRGs which will be able to be grouped together to form packages of care. HRGs will form the component parts of these packages of care.

All HRGs are derived from data rather than assigned and collected directly. The new NCCMDS is required to provide the data required by the HRGs.

Data collected via the NCCMDS will have considerable scope for secondary use for analysing service delivery. However, the primary purpose of the NCCMDS is to support Neonatal Critical Care HRGs which in turn support the Department of Healths Payment by Results policy.

All of the data items within NCCMDS are used directly in assigning a HRG to a neonatal critical care patient. The Neonatal Critical Care HRGs and how they are derived from data items within the Neonatal Critical Care MDS is detailed within the HRG definitions available separately.

Applies To
  • All patients on a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit regardless of care being delivered
  • Patients (excluding Mothers) on a Maternity Ward or Neonatal Transitional Care Ward, to whom one or more of the following Critical Care Activities applies for a period greater than 4 hours:

01 Respiratory support via a tracheal tube

02 Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (nCPAP)

04 Exchange Transfusion

05 Peritoneal Dialysis

06 CONTINUOUS Infusion of inotrope, vasodilator or prostaglandin

07 Parentral Nutrition

08 Convulsions

09 Oxygen Therapy

10 Neonatal abstinence syndrome

11 Care of an intra-arterial catheter or chest drain

12 Dilution Exchange Transfusion

13 Tracheostomy CARED FOR BY nursing staff

14 Tracheostomy CARED FOR BY external carer

15 Recurrent apnoea

16 HaemoFiltration

22 Continuous monitoring

23 Intravenous glucose and electrolyte solutions

24 Tube-fed

25 Barrier nursed

26 Phototherapy

27 Special monitoring

28 Observations at regular intervals

29 Intravenous medication

If one or more of these items apply to a patient, then the patient would be counted as receiving Neonatal Critical Care at level of Intensive Care, High Dependency Care or Special Care depending on the conditions/interventions which apply.

Except in very exceptional circumstances, Critical Care Activities 01 to 16 will only occur in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit environment where all patients are covered by NCCMDS regardless of treatment.

Care on Maternity and Neonatal Transitional Care Wards will only be in respect of Critical Care Activities 22 to 29 unless very exceptional circumstances apply. This does not prevent these wards recording Critical Care Activities 01 to 16 on the NCCMDS if they occur. However, it does mean that such settings will in practice be dealing with a much shorter list of Critical Care Activities which will determine whether NCCMDS applied or not.

NCCMDS should not be collected in facilities other than those with CRITICAL CARE UNIT FUNCTION:

13 - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; or

14 - Facility for Babies on a Neonatal Transitional Care Ward; or

15 - Facility for Babies on a Maternity Ward

Other critical care facilities will be covered by ISB 0153 Critical Care Minimum Data Set or the ISB 0076 Paediatric Critical Care Minimum Data Set.

Status Approved
Sponsor Martin Campbell
Sponsor Organisation Department of Health
Owner NHS
Current Release DSCN 14/2006


Date Published Release Number Release Title Stage Link to Documentation
17-Aug-2006 DSCN 14/2006 Initial Standard Maintenance Documentation