The Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (ISB) closed on 31 March 2014.

Responsibility for the recommendation for approval of information standards has transferred to the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI).

Information standards continued to be published here until 31 December 2014, after which they are published on the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) website.

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The details about this information standard are current at 31 December 2014. To find out whether they remain current after this date please check the SCCI publication pages on the HSCIC website

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Release Amd 30/2013

Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Data Set

Number Amd 30/2013
Title PCT Amendments and Additional Codes

This Information Standard has been revised to include amendments to two existing items, addition of one new item and inclusion of additional coding options within an existing item, amendments to existing NHS Data Dictionary options and formal retirement of the KT31 as outlined below:

Amendments to existing items:

  • Amending the two PCT related data items as PCTs no longer exist
  • Change item Responsible PCT to GP Practice Code
  • Change item PCT of Residence to LA District of Residence

Addition of new item:

  • Addition of Consultation Medium Used

Additional coding options for SRH Care Activity item:

  • 34 - STI Related Care
  • 35 - Complex LARC Procedures
  • 36 - Complex Contraception
  • 37 - Medical Gynaecology
  • 38 - Care of Prostatitis
  • 39 - Genital Dermatoses
  • 40 - Sexual Assault Acute Presentation (the time between incident and forensic medical examination is within 7 days)
  • 41 Sexual Assault Non-acute Presentation (the time between incident and forensic medical examination is greater than 7 days)

NHS Data Dictionary amendments:

  • INITIAL CONTACT change to alpha format (Y and N)

Retirement of KT31

KT31 has been fully replaced by SRHAD. The previous standard, now withdrawn, was DSCN 30/2003.

Date Published 12-Nov-2014
Link to Documentation Amd 30/2013
Stage Implementation
Status Complete


Milestone Type Date Planned Date Estimated Date Achieved
End of Change Stage 29-Oct-2014
End of Implementation Stage 01-Jan-2015


Name Organisation Type
Beverley Scott BMJ Appraiser
Michael Soljak HauOra Limited Appraiser
Catherine Faley Health & Social Care Information Centre Developer
Mandy Yung Public Health England Implementation Manager


Type Status Approval Date Reference Number
ROCR Approved 23-Dec-2013 ROCR/OR/0032/006MAND
ROCR Approved 25-Mar-2014 ROCR/OR/0032/006MAND
Information Governance Approved 16-May-2014
Technical Architecture Directorate Approved 24-Apr-2014
DS&P Approved 02-Jun-2014