The Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (ISB) closed on 31 March 2014.

Responsibility for the recommendation for approval of information standards has transferred to the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI).

Information standards continued to be published here until 31 December 2014, after which they are published on the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) website.

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The details about this information standard are current at 31 December 2014. To find out whether they remain current after this date please check the SCCI publication pages on the HSCIC website

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In Development

This list contains all standards in development. Please click on the standard title to find out more information about a standard or current release to find out about the latest version.

Standard Number Release Number Standard Title
Release Title Link to Documentation
72 Hour Newborn & Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) Screening Data Set Initial Standard
ISB 1605 Amd 8/2013 Accessible Information Initial Standard Documentation
ISB 1581 Amd 14/2011 Ambulance Clinical Quality Indicators Initial Standard
ISB 1521 Amd 17/2014 Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset Version 6.0 Documentation
ISB 1589 Amd 19/2012 Care Planning Content Model Initial Standard
ISB 1609 Amd 27/2013 Child Protection Information Sharing Initial Standard Documentation
Commissioner Assignment Initial Standard
ISB 1590 Amd 20/2012 Cryptographic Services Standards Framework Initial Standard
Delayed Transfers of Care Initial Standard
ISB 1591 Amd 21/2012 Dementia CQUIN Initial Standard
ISB 1574 Amd 52/2010 Diabetes Care Release 1
ISB 1557 Amd 1/2011 EDIFACT Pathology Messaging Update to the Pathology Bounded Code List
ISB 1584 Amd 32/2011 Education, Training and Development (ETD) Standards and Online Benchmarking Application Initial Standard
ISB 1534 Amd 126/2010 Health Protection Electronic Notifications Initial Standard Documentation
ISB 0070 Amd 36/2012 Healthcare Resource Groups (HRG) Healthcare Resource Groups (HRG)
ISB 0158 Amd 17/2011 KA34: Ambulance Services Central Return Amendment to Category B Response Time
KC53 Return for NHS Cervical Screening Programme KC53 Return for NHS Cervical Screening Programme
KC61 Pathology Laboratories Cervical Screening Return KC61 Pathology Laboratories Cervical Screening Return
KC65 Colposcopy Clinics Return KC65 Colposcopy Clinics Return
Mental Health Discharge Summary Initial Standard
ISB 1546 Amd 111/2010 NLMC: Laboratory Medicine Catalogue Initial Standard
ISB 0147 Amd 6/2012 National Cancer Waiting Times Monitoring Data Set XML Schema
ISB 1535 Amd 127/2010 Notification of Causative Agents Initial Standard Documentation
ISB 1536 Amd 128/2010 Organisation Initial Standard
ISB 1525 Amd 108/2010 Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Initial Standard
ISB 0066 Amd 1/2013 Renal Data Set XML Schema Development
ISB 1575 Amd 3/2011 Role Based Access Control Model (RBAC) Inherited
Situation Reports - Daily Initial Standard
Situation Reports - Monthly Initial Standard

Data last updated 22-Dec-2014

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