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Our policies and procedures


Information categories Document title Document description Format
Policies and procedures for conducting Insolvency Service business Environmental Policy Environmental Policy Website
  Health & Safety Policy Health & Safety Policy Website
  Destruction and Archive Policies Disposition Issues Paper
  Enforcement Hotline Mechanism to report misconduct by bankrupts and disqualified directors Website
  What is director disqualification Overview of the disqualification process Website (leaflet)
  Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders Overview of the BRO process Website (leaflet)
  Re-use of a company name after liquidation Overview of section 216 Website (leaflet)
  Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 and failed companies Purpose of the CDDA 86 Website (leaflet)
  Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 and disqualified directors Effect of a disqualification Website (leaflet)
  RPS handbook Guidance for RPO staff on processing claims for payment from the NIF Paper
  Guidance on undertakings and section 17 Undertakings and leave to act guidance Website
Policies and procedures for delivering Insolvency Service services Insolvency Enquiry Line information guide. Basic information about insolvency procedures and the work of official receivers including some third party contact information. Website.
  Rota Guidelines Guidance and instruction for official receivers staff on maintaining and using a rota of Insolvency Practitioners. Website
  RTLU Protocol Regional Trustee Liquidator Units Protocol Website
  Casework Standard Standards to be achieved by Official Receivers and their staff in the administration of insolvent estates. Website
  Information about the Online Forms Service. General information about the services provided by the Online Forms Service.  Website.
  Information about insolvency procedures generally and associated matters and services. General information about insolvency procedures and associated matters and services. 


  Companies dealt with by the Public Interest Unit. Guidance on the Public Interst Unit and its work. Website
  Risk & Complexity Guidance Criteria for assessing priority of investigations and to assist in resource allocation Paper
  Recognition of professional qualifications How an Insolvency Practitioner from an EEA State can work in the UK Website
  Insolvency Guidance Papers Best practice guidance issued to all Insolvency Practitioners  Paper
  Ethical Code Ethical Code of practice for all Insolvency Practitioners Website
  Guidance on Money Laundering Guidance to IPs authorised by the SOS on complying with the Money Laundering Regulations. Website
  Individual Voluntary Arrangement registration form Forms to enable Insolvency Practitioners to register Individual Insolvency Arrangements Website
  Estates Strategy Space planning of the Insolvency Service estate; Project managers; Payment/authorisation of rent, service and business rates; Lease management. Dealing with Landlords and Managing Agents. Providing a Customer Service internally and externally. Keep up-to-date with Property Law Acts Paper
  Records Legislation and standards Legislation and Standards for Records management Paper
  Guidance on applications under section 216 Section 216 applications Website
  Public Interest An overview of the Service's approach to Enforcement related public interest Paper
  Effect of a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order Effect of a BRO Paper
  RPS business plan RPO business plan and service targets Paper
Policies and procedures for recruiting and employing staff Recruitment Policy Recruitment policy details Paper
  Recruitment handbook Recruitment handbook Paper
  Staff Rights in Respect of Personal Data Details of staff's rights in respect of personal data Paper
  Data Protection policy on Personal Records The data protection policy on personal records Paper
  Disability Policy The Service's disability policy Paper
  Salary Sacrifice Scheme Details of the salary sacrifice scheme Paper
  Staff telephone numbers policy Policy on giving out personal telephone numbers Paper
  Mobility clauses Information of which staff are considered as mobile Paper
  Speaking in a language other than English in the workplace Information on speaking English in the office Paper
  Equal Pay Review Details of equal pay review carried out in 2003 Web site (PDF)
  INSS Recruitment Page Page on website for INSS recruitment Website
Customer Service Complaints leaflet Insolvency Service complaints procedure Website and paper publication
  The Insolvency Service Charter Provides details about the standards of service customers can expect, details of published targets and performance, the structure of the organisation, as well as details about what we do and how we do it.    Website and paper publication
Records management and personal data policies Freedom of Information Act guidance. General information on the Freedom of Information Act as it applies within The Insolvency Service.  Website
  Guidance on the Data Protection Act 1998. General information on the Data Protection Act as it applies within The Insolvency Service.  Website
  Protective marking system update The new INSS information security policy Paper
  Data Protection Act How the data protection act affects HR in employment matters Paper
  Records Appraisal Policy relating to the appraisal of INSS records Paper
  Agency Records Management Statement Records Management policy Paper
  Records Management Handbook Procedural guidance on Records Management standards and best practices Paper
  E mail and internet policy Staff guidance and polices relating to the use of e mail and access to the internet Paper
  RPS File Management Policy Instructions to RPS staff for retention of files Paper
Charging regimes and policies  Fees and Interest Rates Interest On Funds Held in the Insolvency Services Account Website 
  Fees and Interest Rates Tables of Fees Website