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DECEMBER 2004 , Volume 7, Number 4

pp 237-396

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What should we measure: infection or infection control? J Nash


Accountability for health protection in England: how has this been affected by the establishment of the Health Protection Agency.
H Pickles
245 Evaluation of peer review of infection control arrangements for healthcare-associated infection in four acute trusts in the East of England. L King, G Radford, R Gair
251 Surveillance of antenatal infections - HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis, and rubella susceptibility in London. SR Anderson, A Richarts, H Maguire
258 Immunisation of babies of women who screen positive for hepatitis B. I Holtby, B McCarron
260 General practitioners' concerns about childhood immunisation and suggestions for improving professional support and vaccine uptake. R Henderson, K Oates, H Macdonald, WCS Smith
267 Survey of local immunisation training in England - the case for setting national standards. A Cummins, L Lane, D Boccia, NS Crowcroft
272 Outbreak of influenza A (H3N2) in a highly-vaccinated religious community: a retrospective cohort study. S Nicholls, K Carroll, J Crofts, E Ben-Eliezer, J Pail, M Zambon, CA Joseph, NQ Verlander, NL Goddard, J Watson
278 Acceptability of universal hepatitis B vaccination among school pupils and parents . A Hinds, JC Cameron
283 Tetanus immunisation policy in England and Wales - an overview of the literature. S Bracebridge, NS Crowcroft, J White
278 Sharps discarded in inner city parks and playgrounds - a risk of bloodborne virus exposure. P Nyiri, T Leung, MA Zuckerman
289 Hepatitis A vaccination - a prison-based solution for a community-based outbreak? RL Gilbert, T O'Connor, S Mathew, K Allen, M piper, ON Gill
294 Acceptance and completion of hepatitis B vaccination among drug users in New York City. DC Ompad, S Galea, Y Wu, CM Fuller, M Latka, B Kolbib, D Vlahov
301 Audit of bloodborne virus prevention activity with drug users seen in primary care. R Weightman, R Walton, J Bury
306 Increasing hepatitis B vaccine coverage in prisons in England and Wales. RL Gilbert, A Costella, M Piper, ON Gill
312 Importance of using an HIV Ag/Ab combined assay in a UK population at high risk of acquiring HIV infection. D McElborough
315 Enhanced surveillance of HIV infection in the West Midlands.
AT Bodley-Tickell, H Mossop, Y Rehman, D Natin, I Blair

319 Relationships between the use of hospital services and deprivation score among HIV-positive individuals in the north west of England. PA Cook, S Hargreaves, K Toque, MA Bellis
322 Clostridium difficile: a questionnaire survey of laboratory practice in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. J Taylor, K Foster, A Berrington
328 Evaluation of Binax NOW© RSV as an audit point-of-care screening test in a paediatric accident and emergency unit. PL Mackie, EM McCormick, C Williams
331 Audit of the detection and notification of meningococcal disease at a north London University district hospital. M Ruddy, Y Drabu, P Lee, BC Patel
334 How complete and accurate is meningococcal disease notification?
E Breen, S Ghebrehewet, M Regan, APJ Thomson
339 Outbreak of a new Salmonella phage type in South West England: alternative epidemiological investigations are needed.
D Bocia, CI Oliver, A Charlett, H Orr, J Sarangi, J Stuart
344 Susceptibility to infectious rash illness in pregnant women from diverse geographic regions. SJ Knowles, K Grundy, I Cahill, MT Cafferkey
349 Airborne Campylobacter infection in a poultry worker: case report and review of literature. IG Wilson
354 Interim UK guidelines for management of close community contacts of invasive group A streptococcal disease. Health Protection Agency Group A Streptococcus Working Group
362 Preventing person-to-person spread following gastrointestinal infections: guidelines for public health physicians and environmental health officers. Working group of the former Public Health Laboratory Service Advisory Committee on Gastrointestinal Infections
385 Dame Rosalind Hurley
386 Dr M Patricia Jevons


387 Assessment of HIV-2 testing practices and reporting in England, wales, and Northern Ireland. B Patel, L Payne, J Tosswill, B Evans
388 Selective neonatal BCG immunisation in a multiethnic community: poor uptake among white British infants. L Menon, R Srinivansan, M Alfaham
388 The MMR debate: how many children are actually receiving single vaccines? K Lamden
390 Biotechnologyand microbiology - have we reached the end of the line? . JP Clewley
392 Issues in career progression in microbiology. L Purser, L Sheasby, L Ward.

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