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  • Simpler, clearer, faster - a new home for government online

Simpler, clearer, faster - a new home for government online

This week the Cabinet Office have released GOV.UK.

GOV.UK is the best place to find government services and information online, replacing Directgov and Business Link.

The new website will start bringing most of the things published by government online in one place, so GOV.UK will be the starting point of all government digital services.

GOV.UK will be simpler, clearer and faster for people to use. The team have done a lot of work and testing to make sure that the design, tone and format of the site's content works better for you.

For example, they have:

  • created guides that break complicated information into smaller parts
  • highlighted the information that the majority of users are searching for
  • made sure that searches and search engines take you straight to what you're looking for
  • built GOV.UK to work on lots of different devices

It will also save time. In testing, users took around two-thirds of the time to find information on GOV.UK compared to Directgov.

The Directgov and Business Link websites have now been switched off, but any links you have saved or bookmarked for those sites will still work. In many cases you will be taken straight to the relevant information on GOV.UK.

Please take a look at how GOV.UK (Opens new window) works and see how the site works for you.