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EP495 - Filing: Rules for alphabetical order of names

The notes here give a standard method of deciding correct alphabetical order.

Name prefixes

Regard these as part of the name. Treat Mac and Mc as if all were Mac and choose the order from the next letter. Here is a range of examples

MacDonaldMACDOVan HoustenVANHO*

Apostrophes are ignored, so names like O'Leary and D'Cruz are filed without reference to apostrophes - OLEARY and DCRUZ.

Hyphenated names

Here you always file under the last name. For example, Stilton-Evans is filed under EVANS. Buckley - Mellor is filed under MELLOR. If there is no hyphen Stilton Evans is filed under STILTON.

Common names

Put cases with the same surname in order of the initials or forenames. If several employees have the same surname or forenames, use the address or National Insurance number to distinguish them.