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Viewing your PAYE notices and reminders

If you have registered for our PAYE (Pay As You Earn) Online for Employers service, you will automatically get your PAYE notices and reminders online via the Data Provisioning Service (DPS).

These are made available unless you have opted to receive them by another channel, like paper or Electronic Data Interchange. However, even if you have opted for paper or EDI, you will still receive certain forms via DPS. For example, any end of year return reminders and any tax-free payment award letters. So you must access and deal with your online notices regularly.

The online notices we will send you may affect your employees' pay and tax codes, so you must check your PAYE notices regularly and we recommend that you check immediately before you calculate their pay. If you do not, there is a risk that you could make the wrong deductions from your employees. Or, if you have fewer than 50 employees, you may not know that we have awarded you the tax-free payment for filing your Return online and that you may deduct that amount from a remittance to us.

To access your PAYE notices and reminders:

  • select ‘PAYE for Employers’ from the ‘Do it online’ menu from the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Home Page
  • log in to your service using your User ID and password
  • select one of these options:
    • ‘Tax code notices’
    • ‘Student loan notices’
    • ‘Employer notices’
    • ‘Notices issued for tax years to 5 April 2007’

If you do not want to receive some notices over the Internet, you can ‘de-select’ the forms from the PAYE Online – Internet service when you activate it.

If you want to change your preferences later, you can do so by selecting ‘Change notice options’ from the PAYE service page.

Email alerts

If you want us to send you an email to tell you that PAYE notices and reminders are available, you can subscribe to the ‘notifications’ service. You can subscribe to the ‘notifications’ service by going to your PAYE Online service page and selecting the link ‘provide us with an email address’.

You must keep what we send you for at least the last three years, as well as information for the current year. If you use any of these records to prepare your Employer Annual Return, you will need to keep them for longer.

Some employers with more than one PAYE scheme run them all from the same payroll office, but keep details of the passwords and User IDs, checking incoming notices and reminders for each scheme separately. If you handle more than one scheme, you can register as an agent so that all notices and reminders can be seen for each scheme.

When you are viewing your PAYE notices and reminders, use the print button on your Internet browser to print the message. We recommend that you print in landscape format. You will need to print off any information you may need for future reference. You can also download your notices and reminders once you have selected them by following the on-screen instructions. We recommend that you do not do this from a computer that is not controlled and maintained by you.

If you have any questions about viewing your PAYE notices and reminders online, contact the Online Services Helpdesk on 0845 6 055 999.

You may want to give access to your data to other people within your organisation. We can help you manage security where you have more than one user.

Once you have registered for the PAYE Online - Internet service you can:

  • Add other people within your organisation as 'Users' by visiting the Government Gateway and selecting ‘Manage users’. They will be able to act on your behalf for the services you have registered for, and also register for new services. They will also be able to create and delete other Users
  • Create 'Assistants' by visiting the Government Gateway and selecting ‘Manage assistants’. Assistants can send your organisation's forms and returns to HMRC using appropriate software
  • Complete tasks such as deleting Users, changing the services that Users are assigned to and making changes to your registration details.