Minced meat research results published

Last updated:
10 June 2014
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The FSA and Defra are publishing research by the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) that established there should be no detectable carryover contamination of meat in UK meat processing plants when producing minced meat in accordance with current good manufacturing practice. This finding applies to mincing different species of meat through the same equipment.

About the study

The study was commissioned as part of evidence gathering for setting thresholds for contamination of processed meat products with undeclared meat species. The FSA Board addressed this issue at their meeting in January 2014, and the LGC study, which formed part of their discussion, has now been peer reviewed and completed.

You can watch the January 2014 FSA Board meeting via the link below.

21 January 2014 Board meeting
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The FSA Board agreed that where testing showed undeclared species equivalent to 1% or above in processed meat, the established procedure for reporting and responding to such incidents should continue to be followed.

The FSA is discussing with local authorities and the food industry the action and appropriate follow up where a level below 1% is found, and the ways the LGC research will inform any necessary changes to current industry and local authority guidance.