Do you live with food allergy or intolerance?

Last updated:
7 April 2014
allergy and intolerance
If you do, we would like to hear from you to help us be better informed about your experiences when you have a reaction to food and how it affects your quality of life. We will use this information to gain a better understanding of the impact that having a food allergic or intolerant reaction has on people’s lives and to help improve the lives of people like you.*

If you can help, all you need to do is complete our online survey.

Comparing experiences

We are carrying out a research project in two phases to assess the impact of food allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease on peoples’ day-to-day lives. In this phase of the work (phase 1), we are investigating the impact on quality of life when someone has a reaction to food. To help answer this question we want to hear from you if you have a food allergy, intolerance or coeliac disease or if you are a parent with a child who has any of these conditions. You can help us to compare your experiences with others, which in the long term will enable the FSA to develop practical advice on how to manage these conditions.

The questions being asked want you to think about how you feel when you have a reaction. They have been designed and tested to ensure to provide the information needed to make an assessment of the economic impact of having a reaction to food. The questions are the same for all types of reactions (ie mild, moderate, severe, life threatening) across all groups (ie IgE and Non IgE mediated food allergy, food intolerance and coeliac disease), this means the FSA can compare the results for all conditions and look to establish the economic impact of having a reaction to food.

Phase 1 of the research is crucial to informing phase 2 of the work, which will look more closely at the impact living with the disease has on people’s lives including the difficulties in buying food and eating out.

About the survey

Researchers at University College London have developed an online survey for people living with these conditions to rate the impact of common symptoms on quality of life.

Experts have been asked to describe symptoms associated with mild, moderate, severe and very life threatening reactions and participants will be asked to think about how these reactions impact on their quality of life.

How you can help

If you have one of the conditions mentioned above, please take the time to complete our online survey. It can be accessed via the ‘External sites’ link on this page and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Please respond by 12pm on Sunday 13 April 2014. If you have any further questions relating to the research you can contact either:

Nicholas Daniel
FSA Economic Adviser

Tom Butt
Researcher at UCL

If you do take part – thank you.

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*This news story has been updated since it was first published on 7 April 2014.