Triennial review of the Social Science Research Committee: findings published

Last updated:
3 April 2014
The FSA is publishing today the findings of the Triennial Review of the Social Science Research Committee (SSRC). Triennial reviews of non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) are part of the government’s commitment to ensuring, and improving, the accountability and effectiveness of public bodies.

The SSRC is an advisory NDPB that provides the FSA with independent expert advice on the use of social science evidence.

The review concluded that the functions performed by the SSRC are still required and that it should be retained as an advisory NDPB. A number of areas of good practice were also identified by the review, and 13 recommendations made about how to improve the efficiency and impact of the committee’s work and to ensure it continues to meet the highest standards of governance.

The review was carried out with the participation of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including the committee’s Chair and members and the FSA Chief Scientist.

The FSA and the SSRC have each produced action plans that set out how they will implement the recommendations on the review.