Appointment extension for FSA Chair

Last updated:
14 January 2014
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The FSA has today announced that the appointment of Tim Bennett as the Chair of the FSA has been extended by the Secretary of State for Health and the Health Ministers in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland until February 2015* or until a permanent appointment is made. Tim was appointed following the departure of Jeff Rooker from the FSA at the end of his term as chair in July 2013.

Henrietta Campbell's appointment as Deputy Chair has been extended for the same period.

Catherine Brown, Chief Executive of the FSA, said: 'We are delighted to have the benefit of Tim's leadership for the next year. This appointment ensures that we will continue to have the benefit of strong board leadership in protecting food safety and consumer interests in relation to food, and I and the organisation as a whole are looking forward to working with Tim and Etta to ensure we deliver for consumers.'

The recruitment of a permanent successor to Tim as Chair will be led by the Department of Health in liaison with relevant colleagues in the devolved administrations.

*This news story has been updated since it was first published.

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