Turkey butterflies from an unapproved premises updated

Last updated:
23 December 2013
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The FSA has been alerted about turkey butterflies that were produced in an unapproved premises, and is advising people not to consume the affected product.

It is suspected that eighteen* tonnes of turkey butterflies, processed by Severnside Provisions Ltd at premises in Newport, South Wales, were supplied to independent butchers and catering outlets throughout South and Mid Wales, South West and South Central England. Eight tonnes have so far been retained and prevented from entering the food chain after action by Newport City Council.

There is no evidence at present of any specific risk to public health from consuming this product. However, it is illegal to supply meat from unapproved premises.

Severnside Provisions Ltd is a premises that is approved for processing bacon, but the company has been processing turkeys in conditions that do not meet the required hygiene standards for food production. Investigations by the local authority are ongoing as to the circumstances of how this meat was processed.

Anyone who has bought a turkey butterfly which was processed by Severnside Provisions Ltd, should not eat it. The shop where it was bought should be able to advise whether the product was processed by Severnside.

Local authorities have been asked to ensure that this product is withdrawn from sale and destroyed.

*This figure has been updated from twelve tonnes to eighteen.