The assessment

You have now considered the following:

  • Background to the business and the food business operators
  • Menu information
  • Observations made by the inspecting officer
  • Responses to the inspecting officer’s questions
  • Photographs and a floorplan of the premises

With any exercise of this kind there are limitations as to what can be included in the scenario so you must limit your deliberations only to the information provided here and avoid speculation over what possibly might be so. Where there is no information on an issue, the assumption should be that there were no adverse food hygiene issues at the time and so you should score only on the basis of what is revealed to and by the inspecting officer. Please note down your scores for the following three elements of the intervention risk rating at set out in section 5.6 of the Food Law Code of Practice to give the establishment its food hygiene risk rating:

  • Current compliance (Hygiene)
  • Current compliance (Structure)
  • Confidence in management/control procedures.

You may wish to consult the following documents: