The Government placed the universal postal service in primary legislation in section 4 of the Postal Services Act 2000, although the first time the obligation was put into law was in an amendment in the Postal Services Regulations 1999. It comprises a postal service provided at an affordable price determined by a public tariff uniform throughout the UK. It includes delivery each working day to the home or premises of every individual or other person in the UK an a collection each working day from recognised access points (subject to exceptional circumstances). Royal Mail is currently the only postal operator with and obligation to provide a universal postal service in the UK as part of its licence. However, under the current framework for UK postal services it is possible for Postcomm to licence other postal operators to provide this service as well.

The Government considers the maintenance of a universal postal service in the UK to be of the highest importance and has placed a primary statutory duty on Postcomm to ensure the provision of the universal service. Information on Postcomm's work surrounding the universal service can be found on the relevant section of their website.

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