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UK Strategic Export Control Lists: The Consolidated UK Military and UK and EC Dual-Use Lists July 2007

Most of the UK’s export controls are embodied in various international commitments and there are similar controls in many other countries.  This country is a member of various international export control and non-proliferation regimes which jointly decide what goods should be controlled.  The control lists agreed by these bodies are then incorporated into the different countries' legislation.
The latest UK strategic export control lists incorporate UK strategic export control legislation (excluding sanctions orders) in force on 19 July 2007 and includes regulations originating in the various international regimes mentioned above.  It includes both the EC and UK Dual-Use lists, the new EU Capital Punishment and Torture lists, UK Radioactive Sources List and the July 2007 UK Military List. 

Dual-Use items are goods, software or technology (documents, diagrams etc) which can be used for both civil and military applications.  They can range from raw materials to components to complete systems, eg  aluminium alloys, bearings, or lasers.  They could also be items used in the production or development of military goods, eg machine tools, chemical manufacturing equipment and computers.

The Military List incorporates UK strategic export control legislation on military items and covers military, certain security and para-military goods, software and technology and arms, ammunition and related materiel.

This is a large file so if you are unsure about whether the item you want to export is controlled, and you are using Microsoft, download the file and do a search using the Control/F keys for the item concerned. 

The contents of the UK Strategic Export Control Lists July 2007 are as follows:

UK Military List (July 2007)
Prohibited goods, software and technology (Definitions); Military, security and paramilitary goods, software and technology and arms, ammunition and related materiel

UK Explosive-Related List   
Prohibited dual-use explosive-related goods and technology

UK Dual-Use List  
Prohibited dual-use goods, software and technology

EU Human Rights List (Annexes II and III of 2005 EC Regulation)
Prohibited goods to non-EU member states, which could be used for capital punishment, torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

UK National Security and Para-military List
Prohibited security and para-military goods to destinations in EU member states

UK National Radioactive Sources List
Prohibited radioactive Sources

EC Regulation Annex 1   
List of dual use items and technology prohibited from export to non-EU member states.  It includes:
Category 0         Nuclear Materials, Facilities  and
Category 1         Materials, Chemicals, Micro-
                        organisms and Toxins
Category 2         Materials Processing
Category 3         Electronics
Category 4         Computers
Category 5         Telecommunications and
                        Information Security
Category 6         Sensors and Lasers
Category 7         Navigation and Avionics
Category 8         Marine
Category 9         Propulsion Systems, Space Vehicles,
                        Related Equipment
Community General Export Authorisation (Annex II of the EC Regulation)
Dual use items included in the Community General Export Authorisation (CGEA).

EC Regulation (Annex IV) 
Dual Use items requiring an export licence to all destinations including those in an EU member state

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Goods Checker tool
A web-based search tool called Goods Checker was launched in March 2006 by the Export Control Organisation which helps exporters decide whether their goods, software or technology are controlled by UK or EC strategic export control legislation.  By entering keywords that describe their goods, the exporter can search against the current UK Strategic Export Control Lists to find the Control List entry, or entries, which apply.  Click on the link in the right hand column for more details.

18 July 2007