History of the DTI

The Department, originally the Board of Trade, has had more impact on public life than most government departments. At one time or another, the Department has had a finger in almost every administrative pie. That ranges from the care of the colonies in the 18th and 19th centuries to clothes rationing in the Second World War and from insolvency to calibrating weights and measures.

Follow the Outlines link on the left-hand side for a history of the Department broken down as follows:-

  • The Board of Trade 1621-1970

  • The Department of Trade and Industry 1970-1974

  • The Department of Energy 1974 - 1992

  • The Department of Industry 1974 - 1983

  • The Department of Prices and Consumer Protection 1974 - 1979

  • The Department of Trade 1974-1983

  • The Department of Trade and Industry 1983-2007

See also, the links to:-

  • Ministers (in the Department since 1970)

  • List of Presidents/Secretaries of State (1786 -

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