The pledge

To support our strategy, we want to encourage a range of public, private and voluntary sector organisations to actively promote informal adult learning and its benefits.

To do this, we invite organisations to demonstrate their commitment by signing a ‘pledge’ to help improve the quality and quantity of informal adult learning.

Definition of the pledge

The pledge is a commitment by organisations signaling their intent to play a role in bringing the vision for informal learning to life. They will be important ambassadors and advocates for learning and a key driver for change and innovation on the ground.

Why have a pledge?

  • informal adult learning helps to build communities of confident, curious, critical and creative people
  • in pledging, your organisation becomes part of a wider movement and an ambassador for informal adult learning

What does the pledge involve?

There are seven overarching commitments. Organisations signing up to the pledge agree to:

  • support the core principles of informal learning and encourage others to sign up
  • advocate wider participation, especially for those who have benefited least from learning
  • find flexible ways of using our existing spaces, or opening up new spaces, for learning
  • encourage and support learning organised by people for themselves
  • embrace new ways of learning, including the use of technology and broadcasting
  • find and work with new partners to increase learning opportunities
  • celebrate our successes

Who has signed up to the pledge?

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