Last updated: November 2003

DFID's development role in Malawi is managed by DFID Malawi.

Information about DFID's involvement can be found in the current edition of Statistics on International Development and in the current DFID Departmental Report

The Malawi Country Assistance Plan available here in PDF format, contains more detailed information about DFID's development objectives and commitments. 

DFID Malawi's Quarterly Programme Monitoring Report tracks progress on all of the activity in DFID's 70 million annual programme in Malawi, and is intended to act as an information source for government and donor colleagues. For a copy of the report in PDF format, go here.

To read the June 2003 statement on the Southern Africa Humanitarian Crisis, go here.

Go here, for the United Nations press release on the Atlas of Social Statistics on Malawi.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office website here holds detailed information in its Country Profiles section. The 'World Factbook', accessible here, covers the following issues: Geography, Population, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues.

Detailed statistical information, including indicators of social and economic development over the past thirty years, gender, health, nutrition and population statistics, is available from the World Bank Group at

For further information about DFID's development priorities and activity, contact: DFID Malawi