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JSP 315 Services Accommodation Code Volume 1

Cover Page

Latest Amendments
Amendment Record


1     Main Introductory Notes
2     Band Accommodation
3     Junior Servicemen & Women's Single Living Accommodation
4     Custody Facilities
5     Training Camps
6     Assize Courts-Martial Centres
7     Churches and Church Halls
8     Armed Forces Careers Offices
9     Civilian Staff Catering Facilities
11     MOD Police Accommodation
12     MOD Fire Stations
13     MOD Guard Service and Northern Ireland Security Guard Service Accommodation
14     Dog Section Accommodation
15     Educational and Indoor Military Training Accn
17     Garages Cycle Sheds and Parking for Privately Owned Vehicles
18     Guard Rooms
19     Ground Support Equipment Accommodation
21     Officers' Families' Quarters
22     Servicemen's Families' Quarters
23     Families' Quarters Stores
25     Families' Quarters Estates; Community Centres
27     Mechanical Transport Accommodation
28     Medical and Dental Accommodation
29     Messes: Officers' - Public Rooms
30     Messes: Officers' - Single Sleeping Quarters
32     Messes: Officer Cadets' - Single Sleeping Quarters
34     Messes: Senior Non-Commissioned Officers' - Public Rooms
35     Messes: Senior Non-Commissioned Officers' - Single Sleeping Quarters
39     Service Catering Facilities
40     Changing/Locker Rooms
41     NAAFI Families Shops (UK)
42     NAAFI Families Shop and Messing Store (Overseas except Germany)
43     NAAFI Families Shop and Messing Store (Germany)
44     Obstacle Courses
45     Offices
46     Parade Grounds
47     Crew Room and Rest Room Accommodation
48     Physical and Recreational Training Facilities
49     Small Arms Ranges
50     Postal and Courier Services Accommodation
51     Social Clubs
52     Amenity (Catering Leisure And Retail) Facilities For Junior Ranks In Great Britain
53     Non-Technical Stores
54     Technical Stores
55     Respirator Testing Chambers
56     Unit Shops/Trade Workshops
57     Surface Finishing Facilities
58     Specialist Police Accommodation Requirements

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