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Office of the Judge Advocate General

Judge Advocate General : His Honour Judge Jeff Blackett

The office of the Judge Advocate General was created in 1666. Since then, the appointment has been made by the Sovereign by Letters Patent. The Courts-Martial Appeals Act 1951 requires that the person appointed shall be recommended to Her Majesty by the Lord Chancellor, to whom the Judge Advocate General was made responsible in 1948. The main duties of the Judge Advocate General are to appoint judge advocates to conduct proceedings at Service Courts and judicial officers to hear custody applications and applications for search warrants. In addition, he is responsible for giving the Army and Royal Air Force reviewing authorities post trial advice on courts-martial, and for the keeping of courts-martial records of proceedings. He also has a broad residual duty to monitor the Army and Royal Air Force criminal justice systems to ensure that they work fairly, properly and efficiently.

To support and assist him, there is a Vice Judge Advocate General and seven Assistant Judge Advocates General. These are permanent judicial appointments made by the Lord Chancellor. The Judge Advocate General also maintains an office in Germany, to which two Assistant Judge Advocates General are posted on tours of duty at any one time. The senior of these is styled Deputy Judge Advocate General and is largely responsible for the day to day running of that office.

Office of the Judge Advocate General
81 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1BQ
Tel: 020 7218 8077
Fax: 020 7218 8090
E-mail: Office Manager

Office of the Deputy Judge Advocate General
British Forces Germany
British Forces Post Office 40
Tel: 00 49 2161 908 2453



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