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Freedom of Information Statistics October to December 2006

This eighth quarterly report providing statistics on implementation of the Act across central government covers October to December 2006. The report was published on 18 April 2007.

Executive Summary

Departments of State reported receiving 4,500 “non-routine” information requests during the fourth quarter of 2006 (Q4). Other monitored bodies received 3,500 requests. These totals include 190 requests handled under the amended Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs).

During Q4 of 2006, 91 per cent of all monitored bodies’ requests (excluding those "on hold" or lapsed) were "in time", in that they were processed within the statutory deadline or were subject to a permitted deadline extension.

Of all "resolvable" requests received during Q4 of 2006, 59 per cent were granted in full.

In 2006, monitored bodies had a cumulative total of 1085 requests referred for Internal Review on the grounds that information was withheld. Of the 864 Internal Reviews with a known outcome at the time of monitoring, 77 per cent resulted in the request’s initial handling being upheld in full.

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