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Statistics and Annual Reports


This page contains links to the quarterly statistics and annual reports produced by the DCA about the operation of the Freedom of Information Act in central government. It also contains links to the pre-implementation annual reports on FOI.


Freedom of Information Statistics

We are committed to monitoring the performance of central government under the Freedom of Information Act. We provide quarterly statistics on implementation of the Act in central government. These reports provide data on various aspects of the government's performance including the timeliness of responses, and the volume and outcomes of requests.

Please note that the quarter two 2006 FOI monitoring report includes revisions to certain statistics on case outcomes from previous quarters. These replace and supersede the previously reported figures between Q1 of 2005 and Q1 2006. A full explanation of the revisions is contained in the report.

Quarterly statistics on implementation in central government:

Annual Reports on Freedom of Information in central government: 2005 onwards

These reports draw together the quarterly statistics for the preceding year, and analyse the longer-term trends.

Annual reports on implementation: 2001 - 2004

Section 87(5) of the Act required that the Secretary of State report annually to Parliament between 2001 to 2004 on his proposals for, and the progress made on, implementation of the Act. The fourth and final report was produced in November 2004.

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