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Electoral pilot schemes - supporting documents

We are running pilot schemes in the May 2007 local elections to test different ways of modernising the electoral system. The types of pilots include e-voting, e-counting, advance voting and signing for ballot papers in polling stations.

Statutory Orders for May 2007 electoral pilots

These are the 12 Statutory Orders and three Amendment Orders that enable local authorities or groups of authorities to conduct electoral pilot schemes at the May 2007 local elections. Each Order amends the current legislation and reflects the exact nature of the innovation for the pilot to be legally compliant. The pilot authorities were announced on 29 January 2007.

Electoral modernisation pilots announced 29 January 2007

On 29 January 2007, thirteen local authorities were approved to take part in twelve electoral pilot schemes for the May 2007 local elections. They were approved following an application process open to all local authorities. Both the Electoral Commission and the Association of Electoral Administrators have been fully consulted and involved in the selection process. The local authorities are:

Electoral pilots May 2007: prospectus for local authorities

This prospectus invited expressions of interest from English local authorities seeking to run electoral modernisation pilots at the May 2007 local elections. The Government is committed to a programme of modernisation and the local elections in 2007 provide an excellent opportunity to maintain the momentum which was started in 2000. Through the gradual process of evaluated piloting we have the opportunity to investigate innovations while preserving the trust and confidence people have in the electoral system.

The closing date for applications was 17 November 2006.

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