Taking Part: The National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport: PSA21: Indicator 6 - Rolling annual estimates from the Taking Part survey - December 2009

Rolling annual estimates from the 2009/10 Taking Part adult survey produced by DCMS were released on 17 December 2009 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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Last release date:
17 December 2009

Period covered:
July 2005 to September 2009

Geographic coverage:

Next release date:
Estimates from the rolling annual dataset to December 2009 will be published in spring 2010.

The Taking Part adult survey collects data about engagement and non-engagement in culture, leisure and sport. It is a continuous annual survey of adults aged 16 and over living in private households in England. This report presents interim estimates of participation based on a rolling annual dataset. Data is presented for participation in two or more different culture or sport sectors and for each sector at the required frequency of participation.

Public Service Agreement 21: Indicator 6

PSA21, “Build more cohesive empowered and active communities”, was agreed as part of the 2008-11 spending period and is led by Communities and Local Government. The PSA is made up of six indicators, and DCMS leads on Indicator 6. The aim of Indicator 6 is to increase the percentage of adults (aged 16 and over) who participate in culture or sport. Participation is defined as taking part in two or more different cultural or sport sectors at the required frequency of participation.

Performance assessment will be measured using the level of change recorded by the Taking Part survey. The target for Indicator 6 is a statistically significant improvement in participation. The minimum movement required for the survey to record a statistically significant increase in participation is 2 percentage points.

Interim progress will be assessed in summer 2010 with the final assessment published in summer 2011.


Report structure

The report sets out the latest annual rolling estimate for the 12 months to September 2009 for the overall indicator. It also presents participation in each of the individual culture and sports sectors at the required frequency. It also presents trends for each of these back to the first full year of the survey.

The report presents a revision to the final baselines published in August 2009 to reflect updated population data now available for the 2008/09 period. The data show that 66.1 per cent of adults had participated in two or more different cultural or sport sectors during the past 12 months.

Technical note:

The accompanying Technical Note sets out how DCMS will measure progress towards PSA21: Indicator 6. It includes details on the scope, measurement and reporting of the target, and full definitions of participation for each sector.

Pre-release access:

The document below contains a list of Ministers and Officials who have received privileged early access to this release of Taking Part child survey data. In line with best practice, the list has been kept to a minimum and those given access for briefing purposes had a maximum of 24 hours. 

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