Framework for the Future: Libraries, Learning and Information in the Next Decade

The DCMS has published a new strategic framework for the public library service: Framework for the Future. The policy document outlines the Government's long-term strategic vision for the role of public libraries. Its purpose is to help local and library authorities agree on the key objectives for the public library service with central government and local communities.

The new strategy will enable libraries build on existing strengths and ensure they position themselves at the heart of the communities they serve. Public libraries are a valuable infrastructure, which have the potential to help local councils deliver their corporate agenda. The best libraries are doing so already through a range of innovative programmes. By clarifying key priorities Framework for Future provides a focus for future work across the sector. It provides a basis for authorities to prioritise and plan services to meet the needs of citizens, adapted to best suit local circumstance.

Framework for the Future Pages 1 - 20 (PDF 289kb)
Framework for the Future Pages 21 - 40 (PDF 200kb)
Framework for the Future Pages 41 - 59 (PDF 128kb)

These documents are available online in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

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