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Home Credit

current item indicator  Provisional findings report

Home Credit

Provisional findings report

Published: 28.04.06

Provisional findings report


Appendix 1.1: Terms of reference

Appendix 1.2: Broader public interest concerns

Appendix 1.3: Provision of evidence

Appendix 1.4: Documents published on CC website

Appendix 2.1: Information Sharing Principles of Reciprocity: Version 25, September 2005 (source: Experian)

Appendix 2.2: Large and medium providers

Appendix 2.3: Evolution of home credit customers’ profiles over time

Appendix 3.1: APRs

Appendix 3.2: Effective interest rate analysis

Appendix 3.3: Cost of capital for UK home credit providers

Appendix 3.4: The measurement of profitability: a note prepared for submission to the Competition Commission on behalf of Provident Financial plc

Appendix 3.5: Provident’s profitability model

Appendix 3.6: Report on Certain Issues Arising out of the Report by the Competition Commission on the Supply of Banking Services by Clearing Banks to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Appendix 3.7: Home Credit Market Inquiry, Analysis of Profitability for Provident Financiall

Appendix 3.8: Assessment of profitability, using return on capital employed

Appendix 3.9: Competition Commission Market Investigation into the Supply of Home Collected Credit: A Statement by Professor Colin Mayer

Appendix 4.1: Econometric analysis of price sensitivity of home credit loans

Appendix 4.2: A visual analysis of cross-price sensitivities and switching between different home credit products by the same provider

Appendix 4.3: A visual analysis of the correlation between home credit and mainstream credit prices


Note: The Competition Commission has excluded from this published version of the provisional findings report information which the inquiry group considers should be excluded having regard to the three considerations set out in section 244 of the Enterprise Act 2002 (specified information: considerations relevant to disclosure). The omissions are indicated by ..

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