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Place Survey

The Place Survey is a new survey, which provides information on people's perceptions of their local area and the local services they receive. This year the Place Survey will take place for the second time.

The survey is a postal survey conducted in every local authority once every two years and provides a particularly valuable data source at the local level. It is one of the largest sample surveys in Europe with more than half a million respondents. Fieldwork for this year's Place Survey will take place in all local authorities across England between September and December 2010. It includes questions about satisfaction with local area, local public services, information, local decision making, helping out, getting involved, respect and consideration and community safety.

The survey collects information on 18 national indicators for local government, used to measure local government performance for 152 county councils, metropolitan district councils, London boroughs and unitary authorities. Data is collected which also helps to monitor eight Department Strategic Objectives and eleven Public Service Agreements.

Communities and Local Government is currently running a consultation about the Place Survey. The department is seeking views on how to improve the survey. If you would like to contribute, please see the Plans for the 2010 Place Survey - Consultation paper available from the link below.

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