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Mortgage Rescue Scheme

Photo of houses on Regency View, Sandwell This page sets out details of the Government Mortgage Rescue Scheme which aims to prevent vulnerable homeowners losing their homes through repossession.

See also information about Homeowners Mortgage Support

Information for homeowners

More than 330,000 homeowners have got help and advice with their mortgage since April 2008. Information is available at www.direct.gov.uk/mortgagehelp (external link) or speak to a trained adviser at the National Debtline free on 0808 808 4000. If you are facing problems in meeting your mortgage payments you should also contact your lender to tell them why you are struggling and discuss how you can work together to agree a solution.

What is the Mortgage Rescue Scheme?

The Mortgage Rescue Scheme has been put in place by Government to help the most vulnerable homeowners facing repossession to remain in their home.

It aims to help those families with dependent children, elderly and vulnerable groups at risk of repossession (that is, their lender is actively seeking possession of the property through the courts) who can no longer afford their repayments, and who would be entitled to homelessness assistance if repossessed.

For further information on these and other details about the scheme please read the frequently asked questions page.

How does it work?

Mortgage Rescue operates by bringing together local authorities, Registered Social Landlords (RSL), lenders and debt advice agencies. The are two options in the scheme:

  • Government Mortgage to Rent is designed to help the most vulnerable households on low incomes with little chance of sustaining a mortgage. The Registered Social Landlord (RSL) purchases the property and the applicant pays rent to the RSL at a level they can afford after a full assessment of household finances
  • Shared equity is designed to help householders who have experienced payment shocks and need some help in paying their mortgage. The Registered Social Landlord (RSL) provides an equity loan enabling the householders' mortgage repayments to be reduced.

How can I apply?

You must make your application for Mortgage Rescue through your local authority. Referrals to a local authority can also be made by money advice agencies, courts or lenders.

The Mortgage Rescue Scheme is available in all 326 Local Authorities in England. Separate schemes are available in Scotland and Wales.

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