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Fire and rescue service objectives: overview

Fire and rescue service objectives and targets: overview

The key objective for the Fire and Resilience Directorate (FRD) at Communities and Local Government is to modernise the fire and rescue service in England, in line with the June 2003 White Paper and the National Framework. We are striving to achieve a Service which:

  • is proactive in preventing fires and other risks, rather than only reacting to fires
  • acts in support of the Government's wider agenda of social inclusion, neighbourhood renewal and crime reduction
  • has effective institutions that support its role
  • is well-managed and effective
  • is committed to developing and adapting to changing circumstances, including the threat of terrorism and environmental disaster.

The Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2007 set out our Departmental Strategic Objectives (DSOs). DSO 6 is of particular relevance to the work of FRD.

Departmental Strategic Objective 6

"Ensuring safer communities by providing the framework for the Fire and Rescue Service and other agencies to prevent and respond to emergencies."

Measurement - The DSO is supported by four indicators:

  • Indicator 6.1: Numbers of primary fires and related fatalities and non-fatal casualties, excluding precautionary checks
  • Indicator 6.2: Numbers of deliberate primary and secondary fires submitted through incident reports
  • Indicator 6.3: Improvement in the national picture of Fire and Rescue Service performance reflected in Audit Commission assessment outcomes.
  • Indicator 6.4: Delivery of a co-ordinated Fire and Resilience programme achieving planned milestones and deliverables for the New Dimension, FiReControl and Firelink projects
  • Fire and rescue service improvement programme

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