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FiReControl project

FiReControl: a national network of nine regional control roomsThe Government recognises the critical importance of protecting public safety and increasing the nation's resilience.

As part of the Government's £1 billion programme for the Fire and Rescue Service it is investing in a nationally linked network of control centres across England. This is known as the FiReControl project.

The FiReControl project will provide an integrated and modern network of nine Regional Control Centres (RCCs). They will be able to receive calls and mobilise resources across the country.

The FiReControl project has three main drivers:

  • increasing resilience
  • enhancing capability
  • improving efficiency

The RCCs will form part of the Critical National Infrastructure (external link) and as such will have to meet stringent security and resilience requirements.

Explore the contents below to find out more about the origins of FiReControl, its benefits and the Department's plans to deliver the project.

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