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Resilience and response to emergencies

Emergency services are facing an increased variety of demanding situations. Major incidents caused by natural disasters, industrial accidents and the threat of terror attacks are challenges that we need to prepare for at a national level. These incidents could potentially have an impact on our daily lives. For this reason, there is a need for high levels of preparedness by the emergency services, including improved ability to operate effectively together.

Major incidents, such as the 2007 flooding, 7/ 7 and the Buncefield fire demonstrate how important it is for emergency services to be able to work together for the benefit of public safety. The Government is investing £1bn in the Fire and Resilience Programme, which will provide the fire and rescue service with enhanced capability to meet the challenges of the future.

The vision for the Fire and Resilience Programme is to have an effective, resilient capability that will respond seamlessly in all situations, whether they are day to day incidents, large incidents needing a regional response, or major national disasters caused by terrorism, accidents or nature.

The three fully integrated projects in the Programme: New Dimension, Firelink and FiReControl, which are funded through Communities and Local Government, will deliver the vision and provide a significant development of the fire and rescue service infrastructure and capability:

  • New Dimension - the supply of specialist equipment to deal with a range of incidents including: rescue from collapsed structures, mass decontamination, identification and detection of unknown potentially hazardous substances and high volume pumping
  • Firelink - the provision of a radio-communications system for the Fire and Rescue Service that is common to all emergency services in England, Scotland and Wales, enabling them to talk to each other on the same secure network
  • FiReControl - a network of nine regional control centres supporting the mobilisation of Fire and Rescue Service resources throughout England

This section contains information on the three projects that make up the Fire and Resilience Programme, as well as information on regional resilience, flood recovery and resilience research. There are links to other relevant departments and organisations, including the Home Office, Regional Co-ordination Unit and the Security Service (MI5).

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