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Communities and Local Government are pleased to announce a £6m Tackling Race Inequalities Fund  (TRIF) which will run 2009 - 2010 and 2010 - 2011. The TRIF aims to support organisations working in the area of race equality, including research work, promoting equality of opportunity, reducing inequalities, increasing civic participation by people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups and building capacity for organisations working in this area.

Our intention is to select approximately 15 to 20 organisations for the receipt of financial assistance through the Fund. The amount of financial assistance will be determined through a competitive grant process in which eligible third sector organisations through their applications apply for a set level of funding. Subject to Parliamentary approval we will provide funding of between £200,000 and £450,000 spread over two years.

For further information more about Tackling Race Inequalities Fund email Matthew West at:

Applications for funding are now closed.

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