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Race, cohesion and faith

Britain is now a more diverse society - ethnically, racially and culturally - than ever before. Over the centuries, the contributions of people who have come to live here have enriched the country. Immigration and ties with other countries have resulted in a dynamic economy with more jobs, access to crucial skills and new ideas, better public services and a richer cultural life.

Our aim is to build thriving places where a fear of difference is replaced by a shared set of values and a sense of purpose and belonging. We want to make sure that everyone in each community benefits from diversity, and we recognise that this means promoting similar opportunities for all. Our challenge is to build these stronger communities in times of rapid change.

We are reducing perceptions of race discrimination and leading the work on creating more cohesive communities, tackling racism, extremism, promoting inter-faith activity and a shared sense of belonging.

Delivery of this agenda is dependent not just partnerships with other government departments, but with the wider communities, community organisations, public and private sector.

One of our key strategic partners for the overall delivery of Improving Opportunity, Strengthening Society (the Government's Strategy to increase race equality and community cohesion), is the Equality and Human Rights Commission (see link on right) in enforcing legislation and sharing good practice.

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