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Numerical List of Operational Guidance

22 January 2013

We're in the process of transferring OGs to a new format. Any OG numbered 300 or above will be in the new format and will open in a new window.

NB The OGs that have not yet been transferred are still listed using their original numbers.



1. Operational Guidance

2. Interim Operational Guidance

1. Operational Guidance

2 Application of property cy-près
5 Appointment of interim managers
11 Ex gratia payments by charities
15 Charity accounts and reports
22 Borrowing and mortgages
27 Reverter of Sites Act 1987
38 Corporate trustees
39 Custodian trustees
41 Disqualification for acting as a charity trustee
42 Waiver of disqualification for acting as a charity trustee
43 Charity income reserves
47 Alterations to governing documents: charitable companies
48 Students' unions
49 Pooling schemes and pool charities
50 Incorporation of charity trustees
53 Charitable appeals - avoiding and dealing with failure
54 Disposals of charity interests in property
55 The Landfill Communities Fund
56 Local authorities and trustees
60 Register of Charity Mergers: sections 305-314 of the Charities Act 2011
65 Almshouse charities
71 Human Rights Act 1998
83 Endowed charities: a total return approach to investment
86 Trustee Act 2000
98 Power of the Commission to relieve trustees, auditors etc from liability for breach of trust or duty
100 Trustee Indemnity Insurance
117 How the Commission Deals with Investigations Work
204 Small charities: Disposal of charity land and buildings
330 Names of Charities
405 Sharing information with other public authorities under the Charities Act 2011
407 Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
410 Charities and Terrorism
500 Schemes
501 Orders
505 Will Cases: Redirecting Failed Charitable Legacies
510 Charity Trustees: Making and Ending Appointments
515 Payment of trustees
519 Unincorporated Charities: Changes to Governing Documents and Transfer of Property (Charities Act sections 268, 275 and 280)
531-1 Removal of Charities from the Register: Dissolutions and Voluntary Removals
531-2 Removal of Charities from the Register: Inactive Charities
545-1 Identifying and Spending Permanent Endowment
545-2 Expenditure and Replacement of Permanent Endowment
547 Equity sharing by charities and individuals
555 Linking charities
562 Management of village halls
565 Disputes in Charities
702 Authorised Officer Powers
711 Community Interest Companies
717-1 Exempt charities and principal regulators
717-2 Exempt charities: connected charities and how to identify them
736 Decision Reviews and Final Decisions
NB Gaps in the number sequence will be filled in due course by guidance currently in draft.

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2. Interim Operational Guidance

NB Gaps in the number sequence will be filled in due course by guidance currently in draft. As time goes on, early numbers in this sequence may disappear (possibly to be re-used later) as the guidance is incorporated into fuller guidance or becomes obsolete.

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