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Helping out: a national survey of volunteering and charitable giving

Helping out: a national survey of volunteering and charitable giving is a new household survey of adults (aged 16 and over) in England which asks for details of people's views and experiences of participation in voluntary activity and charitable giving.

The survey explores how and why people engage in formal volunteering, and what they think of their experiences; and how and why they give money to charity. It also looks at what stops people from giving to charity or volunteering. It builds on the Institute for Volunteering Research's National Survey of Volunteering [external website], and provides insights into changes over the last ten years.

The survey interviewed over 2,700 adults (aged 16 and over) in households in England, who had previously been interviewed for the Citizenship Survey, including 549 people from ethnic minority groups.

The results of the survey provide a wealth of data that will enable the Office of the Third Sector, practitioners and funders to target and manage programmes in support of volunteering and giving, and to help overcome the barriers people face in taking part, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Results from the survey

Headline findings from the survey include:


Charitable giving

Results in more detail

 The dataset will be available from the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex.


We would welcome any feedback on the survey.

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