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Cyber Security Strategy 2009

As the UK’s dependence on cyber space grows, so the security of cyber space becomes ever more critical to the health of the nation.  Cyber space cuts across almost all of the threats and drivers outlined in the National Security Strategy: it affects us all, it reaches across international borders, it is largely anonymous, and the technology that underpins it continues to develop at a rapid pace.

This is why the Government is publishing, alongside the first annual update of the National Security Strategy, the first Cyber Security Strategy of the United Kingdom. 

The Cyber Security Strategy recognises the challenges of cyber security and the need to address them.  It stresses that the UK needs a coherent approach to cyber security, and one in which Government, organisations across all sectors, the public, and international partners all have a part to play.  The Strategy outlines the Government’s approach - it establishes two new organisations that the UK needs in order to weave together new and existing work to make cyber space a safe, secure and resilient place where we can live and work in confidence.

New Cyber Organisations

The Cyber Security Strategy sets out the Government’s plans to establish two new organisations, both of which will be established in September 2009, and will be operational by the end of March 2010:


An Office of Cyber Security (OCS) to provide strategic leadership for and coherence across Government. The OCS will establish and oversee a cross-government programme to address priority areas in pursuit of the UK’s strategic cyber security objectives.


A Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) that will bring together existing functions: to actively monitor the health of cyber space and co-ordinate incident response; to enable better understanding of attacks against UK networks and users; and to provide better advice and information about the risks to business and the public.