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Working with Parliamentary Counsel

These pages set out, for Government departments—

It is addressed to everyone who is involved directly or indirectly in the work of a departmental team that is instructing Parliamentary Counsel, and also to Counsel themselves.

Some parts of what follows may be of more interest to departmental lawyers than to others, but even the parts that relate to writing instructions for OPC are also likely to be useful to those who need to know what their lawyers will need to prepare instructions and how they will be going about it.

Whilst the main pages are intended to be comprehensive it does not necessarily need to be read from start to end. It is supplemented by an index of technical terms and abbreviations used throughout the guide.

For Bill teams this guide should be read in conjunction with the "Guide to Making Legislation" (which is produced by the Cabinet Office to help departments manage their legislative projects).

OPC welcomes comments on these pages. Any suggestions should be sent to John Healy in OPC:

These pages will be updated from time to time to take account of changes and the output from lessons-learned exercises on projects. It was last updated on 23 July 2009.

A PDF of this guide [PDF, 76 pages] is available, together with a summary version [PDF, 24 pages] and a check list for those preparing instructions [PDF, 3 pages].

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