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The Community Innovation Survey

The Community Innovation Survey (CIS) was originally conducted every four years, but since 2005 has been conducted every two. The UK Innovation Survey 2011, the seventh Europe-wide CIS, sampled over 28,000 UK enterprises with ten or more employees. The survey was voluntary, and was conducted through both a postal questionnaire and telephone interview for businesses that hadn’t yet completed a postal response; it achieved a 50 per cent response rate. It provides the UK data covering the three-year period from 2008 to 2010. First findings from CIS7 and more detailed analyses can be found below.

Business innovation is a vital ingredient in raising the productivity, competitiveness and growth potential of modern economies. Providing the right economic conditions for, and using appropriate policy instruments to encourage innovation in the UK is a central objective. Measuring the level of innovation activity in the UK and identifying where policy might be best targeted contributes to the pursuit of that objective. The Community Innovation Survey complements other indicators of innovativeness by providing a regular snapshot of innovation inputs and outputs. It also looks at the constraints faced by UK businesses in their innovation efforts across the range of UK industries and business enterprises. It also provides the basis for some comparisons with other European countries.

The survey includes sections on factors that hamper innovation, the impact of innovation on the business and the sources of information used. It also touches on aspects of the wider innovation process, such as the introduction of new management techniques.

The previous Community Innovation Survey, CIS6, took place in 2009. Prior to this, CIS5 was in 2007, CIS4 in 2005, CIS3 in 2001, and CIS2 in 1997. Analyses of the results of these surveys can be found below:

28 UK Innovation Survey 2011 - statistical annex [revised] (XLS, 960 Kb)  Oct 2012
27 First findings from the UK innovation survey 2011 (PDF, 114 Kb)  May 2012
26 The distribution of innovation activity across UK industry: final report (PDF, 1.4 Mb)  May 2011
25 UK Innovation Survey 2009: science and innovation analysis (PDF, 375 Kb)  Dec 2010
24 UK Innovation Survey 2009 - statistical annex (XLS, 1.1 Mb)  Nov 2010
23 First findings from the UK Innovation Survey 2009 Mar 2010
22 Design in Innovation Coming out from the Shadow of R&D - An Analysis of the UK Innovation Survey of 2005 (PDF, 569 Kb)  July 2009
21 The Elixir or Burden of Youth? Exploring Differences among Start-ups and Established Firms in Innovation Behaviour in the UK (PDF, 186 Kb)  May 2009
20 Management Innovation in the UK (PDF, 203 Kb)  May 2009
19 Innovators and the Research Base – An Exploration using the 4th Community Innovation Survey (CIS4) (PDF, 262 Kb)  May 2009
18 Revealed versus Deterring Barriers to Innovation – Evidence from the 4th Community Innovation Survey (CIS4) (PDF, 211 Kb)  May 2009
17 How innovative are UK firms? - Evidence from the 4th Community Innovation Survey (CIS4) on the Synergistic Effects of Innovations (PDF, 260 Kb)  May 2009
16a Persistence and change in UK innovation, 2002-2006 (PDF, 1.6 Mb)  - Report of the UK Innovation Survey 2007 Dec 2008
16b UK Innovation Survey 2007- statistical annex (XLS, 2.6 Mb)  Aug 2008
15 First findings from the UK Innovation survey 2007 (PDF, 273 Kb)  Apr 2008
14b Innovation in the UK - DTI Occasional Paper 6 - statistical annex (XLS, 819 Kb)  Aug 2006
14a Innovation in the UK: indicators and insights. Occasional Paper No. 6 (PDF, 676 Kb)  Jul 2006
13 First findings from the UK Innovation survey 2005 (PDF, 954 Kb) 

Mar 2006

12 International Comparisons of the Third Community Innovation Survey (PDF, 352 Kb)  Jan 2005
11 Detailed results from the Third UK Community Innovation Survey (PDF, 1.1 Mb)  Apr 2004
10 The Impact of Technological Regimes on patterns of sustained and sporadic innovation activities in UK Industries (PDF, 1.3 Mb)  Mar 2004
9 Sourcing science - use by industry of the science base for innovation; Evidence from the UK's Innovation Survey (PDF, 119 Kb)  Aug 2003
8 Industrial Breakdown of the UK Innovation Survey 2001 (PDF, 568 Kb)  Mar 2003
7 Regional Innovation Performance in the UK (PDF, 1.2 Mb)  Dec 2002
6 Innovative businesses and the science and technology base - an analysis using CIS 3 data (PDF, 217 Kb)  Nov 2002
5 Regional Breakdown of the UK Innovation Survey 2001 (PDF, 593 Kb)  Aug 2002
4 UK Innovation survey 2001 (CIS3) Results (PDF, 391 Kb)  Aug 2002
3 Comparison of the 2nd and 3rd Community Innovation Surveys (PDF, 78 Kb)  Aug 2002
2 UK Innovation Performance: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats and Main Problems (PDF, 96 Kb)  Jan 2001
1 UK Results from the 2nd Community Innovation Survey (PDF, 126 Kb)  Oct 1998

The CIS3 Questionnaire is available in pdf format from the following link:
CIS3 Questionnaire (PDF, 537 Kb) 

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