Energy Trends

Energy Trends statistical publication cover image
Energy Trends is DECC's bulletin of statistics on energy in the United Kingdom. This was published monthly to May 2001 and quarterly since June 2001. It includes tables, charts and commentary covering all major aspects of energy which provide a comprehensive picture of energy production and use.

Energy Trends is excellent value for money, currently costing only £40 per year for subscribers in the United Kingdom. For overseas subscribers, the charge is £45 for Europe and surface mail delivery and £60 for air mail delivery outside Europe.

For Excel spreadsheets versions of the tables contained in Quarterly Energy Trends (including longer time series) see the Statistics by Energy Source area of the website.  You can also find  annual data and monthly data in the same area.

For downloadable versions of the special feature articles appearing in Energy Trends see either the Articles By Issue or Articles By Subject webpages.

Subscribing to Energy Trends

For a complimentary copy of Energy Trends or for more information about subscribing to Energy Trends contact: Clive Sarjantson Tel: 020 7215 2698.

Earlier copies of Energy Trends publications are available from BERR Reports & Publications: Energy Statistics.

The next edition of Energy Trends will be published on 26 March 2009.