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List of Presidents/Secretaries of State

Presidents of the Board of Trade (1786-1970)

1786 August            Lord Hawkesbury (1796 became Earl of Liverpool)  

1804 June               3rd Duke of Montrose

1806 February         1st  Lord Auckland

1807 March             3rd  Earl Bathurst

1809                       Viscount Melville

1812                       3rd Earl Bathurst

1815 September        2nd  Earl of Clancarty

1818 January            Frederic Robinson (later Earl of Ripon)

1823 January           William Huskisson

1827 September       Charles Grant (later Lord Glenelg)

1828 June               W Vesey Fitzgerald

1830 February          J C Herries

1830 November        2nd Lord Auckland

1834 June               Charles Poulett Thomson (later Lord Sydenham)

1834 December        A Baring (later Lord Ashburton)

1835 April               Charles Poulett Thomson (later Lord Sydenham)

1839 August           Henry Labouchere (later Lord Taunton)

1841 September      Earl of Ripon

1843 May              William Gladstone

1845 February        Earl of Dalhousie

1846 July               Earl of Clarendon

1847 July               Henry Labouchere (later Lord Taunton)

1852 February         Joseph Henley

1852 December        Edward Cardwell (later Viscount Cardwell)

1855 March             Lord Stanley of Alderley

1858 April               Joseph Henley

1859 March            4th Earl of Donoughmore

1859 July               Thomas Milner Gibson

1866 July               Sir Stafford Northcote, Bart (later Earl of Iddesleigh)

1867 March           6th Duke of Richmond

1868 December      John Bright

1870 January         Chichester Fortescue (later Lord Carlingford)

1874 March            Sir Charles Adderley (later Lord Norton)

1878 April              Viscount Sandon (later Earl of Harrowby)

1880 April              Joseph Chamberlain

1885 June             3rd Duke of Richmond and Gordon

1885 August          Edward Stanhope

1886 February        Anthony Mundella

1886 August          Sir Frederick Stanley (later Earl of Derby)

1888 February        Sir Michael Hicks-Beach (later Earl of St Aldwyn)

1892 August           Anthony Mundella

1894 May               James Bryce (later Viscount Bryce of Dechmont)

1895 June              Charles Ritchie (later Lord Ritchie of Dundee)

1900 November        Gerald Balfour (later Earl Balfour)

1905 March             4th Marquess of Salisbury

1905 December        David Lloyd George (later Earl Lloyd George)

1908 April               Winston Churchill (later Sir Winston Churchill)

1910 February          Sydney Buxton (later Earl Buxton)

1914 February          John Burns

1914 August            Walter Runciman (later Viscount Runciman)

1916 December        Sir Albert Stanley (later Baron Ashfield)

1919 May               Sir Auckland Geddes

1920 March            Sir Robert Horne (later Viscount Horne)

1921 April               Stanley Baldwin (later Earl Baldwin)

1922 October          Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame (later Sir P. Cunliffe-Lister, later Viscount Swinton, later Earl Swinton)

1924 January          Sidney Webb (later Baron Passfield)

1924 November       Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame

1929 June              William Graham

1931 August           Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister (formerly Sir P. Lloyd-Greame, later Viscount Swinton, later Earl Swinton)

1931 November      Walter Runciman (later Viscount Runciman)

1937 May              Oliver Stanley

1940 January          Sir Andrew Duncan

1940 October         Oliver Lyttleton (later Viscount Chandos)

1941 June              Sir Andrew Duncan

1942 February        Col. J J Llewellin (later Baron Llewellin)

1942 February        Hugh Dalton (later Baron Dalton)

1945 May              Oliver Lyttleton (later Viscount Chandos)

1945  July              Sir Stafford Cripps

1947 September      Harold Wilson (later Sir Harold Wilson, later Lord Wilson of Rievaulx)

1951 April               Sir Hartley Shawcross (later Baron Shawcross)

1951 October          Peter Thorneycroft (later Baron Thorneycroft)

1957 January           Sir David Eccles (later Viscount Eccles)

1959 October           Reginald Maudling

1961 October           Frederick J Erroll (later Baron Erroll)

1963 October           Edward Heath (Secretary of State for Industry, Trade, Regional Development and President of the Board of Trade)

1964 October           Douglas Jay

1967 August            Anthony Crosland

1969 October           Roy Mason

1970 June               Michael Noble


The Department came into being on 20 October 1970 merging the two previous departments: the Board of Trade and Ministry of Technology. Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and President of the Board of Trade.
1970 October          John Davies

1972 November        Peter Walker


The Department of Trade and Industry was split into three new departments following the general election of February, 1974. Secretary of State for Trade and President of the Board of Trade. 

1974 March              Peter Shore

1976 April                Edmund Dell

1978 November        John Smith

1979 May               John Nott (later Sir John Nott)

1981 January          John Biffen

1982 April               Lord Cockfield 



Secretary of State for Industry.

1974 March            Anthony Benn

1975 June              Eric Varley (later Lord Varley of Chesterfield)

1979 May              Sir Keith Joseph (later Lord Joseph of Portsoken)

1981 September      Patrick Jenkin (later Lord Jenkin of Roding)


Following the general election, the Prime Minister announced, on 11 June 1983, that the Departments of Industry and Trade would be merged to form the Department of Trade and Industry.  After the general election of 5 May

Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and President of the Board of Trade.

  1983 June              Cecil Parkinson (later Lord Parkinson of Carnforth)

  1983 October          Norman Tebbit (later Lord Tebbit of Chingford)

 1985 September       Leon Brittan (later Sir Leon Brittan)

 1986 January           Paul Channon

 1987 June               Lord Young of Graffham

  1989 July               Nicholas Ridley (later Lord Ridley of Liddesdale)

 1990 July                Peter Lilley

 1992 April               Michael Heseltine

 1995 July                Ian Lang

 1997 May               Margaret Beckett

 1998 July                Peter Mandelson

 1998 December       Stephen Byers

 2001 June               Patricia Hewitt

 2005 May               Alan Johnson


2006 May                Alistair Darling


Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

As part of the changes to Government Departments made in July 2007, the work of the Office of Science and Innovation moved into a new Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills. The rest of DTI and the Better Regulation Executive (BRE) from the Cabinet Office became a new “Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform”.

2007 July               John Hutton