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Future Licence Fee Settlement

The Government is currently in the process of setting the future level of the BBC licence fee, to take effect from April 2007, and this level will be announced in due course. As part of this process Lords Burns chaired a seminar to look at the key issues that underlie the future level of the licence fee. The publications submitted to this seminar and the transcripts of the debate are available to view online.

In addition to the seminar, DCMS commissioned PKF to carry out a financial review of the BBC’s value for money plans, its bid for the next licence fee settlement and its commercial services. This independent report was published on 26 April 2006.

DCMS also commissioned some willingness to pay research which was carried out by the Work Foundation. This research will be considered alongside the other evidence collected as part of the process of setting the future licence fee settlement level. The research report is available to read online on the Work Foundation's website.

In October 2005, the BBC published their future licence fee bid entitled “Delivering Public Value: BBC Licence Fee”. Details of their bid are available to view at:





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