Land Information & Communications Services Group

Welcome to the homepage for the Land Information & Communications Services Group (LICSG).

The LICSG is based at the Basil Hill Site, Corsham, where it can respond rapidly to tasks around the world.

LICSG is a new developing defence capability to support current and new LAN/WAN military secure infrastructures and internet technologies.

This includes management and technical support from drawing board, through implementation, to live ongoing support.

LICSG will bridge gaps in capability by bringing civilian ICS expertise to military problems supporting PJHQ and unit formations as required.

LICSG are to provide expertise in computer, software and network operations in order to assure the passage of information between deployed commanders, PJHQ and Land Component HQs across the spectrum of conflict and assist in the conduct and implementation of ICS at all levels.
Recruiting NowLICSG is looking for dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals in secure communications support, particularly with skills in


  • Pre/Post development planning of network infrastructures
  • Network security support
  • ICS project management
  • IP address management and LAN design
  • Developing internet technologies
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Network planning
  • Incident management
  • Software engineering
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery planning

Land Information & Communications Services Group Contact Details

Telephone: 01225 814815


Basil Hill Barracks

Park Lane

Corsham, Wiltshire

SN13 9NR