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RN Logo

 RAF Odiham

Odiham Crest

D Company

London Irish Rifles

London Irish Crest

Irish Regt of Canada Badge


2nd Battalion The Irish Regiment of Canada (Sudbury)






Canadian Armed Forces

Canada Flag


PLF of Canada BadgeThe Princess

Louise Fusiliers




Canadian Armed ForcesCanada Flag





The Irish Fusiliers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment) (Disbanded)

Canadian Armed ForcesCanada Flag

Adelaide University Regiment,


Australian Military Forces

Australia Flag

2nd Battalion (Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast)

Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

New Zealand Army

NZ Flag

1st Battalion,

The Punjab Regiment,

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Flag


9th Battalion (Wilde's)

The Frontier Force Regiment,

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Flag

South African Irish Regiment

SAIR Colours







South African Defence Force

SA Flag


Gibralta Regt LogoThe Gibraltar Regiment







Gibralta Flag